10 Crushing Reasons Why Your Job Makes You Depressed

You can’t get too far in this world without getting your first job. Yes that first incompetent boss that you make fun of behind their back. The job with that first co-worker that you day dream about punching in the nose.And the guy that you just can’t believe still has a job even though he is lazy as hell. I will get into all the reasons why my job makes me depressed.

First of all there is multitude of reasons why a job could make you depressed. It could be your compensation or your co-workers. If your job is making you depressed then most people would say find a new job. But that is bad advise.

Rather the solution is become your own boss. Start your own business. Don’t go through the hell breaking your back for a multi national corporation who doesn’t give a shit about you.

Therefore you have a lot more to offer the world than flipping patties and remembering to put napkins in the bag. Here are the 10 crushing reasons why your job makes you depressed.

1. Work Schedule

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I am not a morning person and multiply that by me only getting up at this time because somebody else told me so, it irks me to the core. I like to do things when I am ready to do them. And when I am passionate about the task, I have infinite reserves of energy to complete the task. I need a emotional connection to the work to get my best performance.

Therefore not doing it my way is why my job makes me depressed. If i was getting up to make a blog post or make a video I might find it easier to get ready for the day. Not being able to write for my blog is why my job makes me depressed.

Since jobs are very inflexible, it is depressing to have to pass on other events because you have to work.

2. Co-Workers

My job makes me feel miserable

This probably is the single reason why people get depressed at their jobs. They have to deal the most foulest human beings on the planet, the co-worker. The co-worker can either hate you and ignore you or hate you openly. Or the co-worker can hate and like you openly.

So notice that I did not give an option for the co-worker to actually like you. This is a wide misconception that your co-worker could actually feel gratitude, companionship, or camaraderie. At the end of the day they hate you.

Most of all save your money and start a business. Fast!

3.  You Can Get Fired or Laid Off at Anytime

a job makes you miserable

If you don’t have security then you are in danger. If you don’t bring your butt to work today then there is no need to worry about coming to work tomorrow. You can get fired on the spot.

First of all we all have bills to pay. When you are relying on some else to write you a check every couple weeks, you are at their mercy. They may decide that they don’t want to pay you anymore.

Furthermore if you work for yourself you will never get fired and you get as much as you put into the business.

Consequently there is a certain fear that your jobs company could go belly up and you may not have a job or even your retirement account. The fate of your future could be in the hands of a few board members who don’t care about you.

4. A Long Commute

why my job makes me depressed


Driving to work is dead time that you can not get back. You are not getting payed for the time that you spend in traffic. Why my job makes me depressed is because it puts me in a terrible mood when i hit heavy traffic. I just can’t stand lost time spent on the road. Long commutes can also lead to bad health.  Having a long commute could mean you are 33 percent more likely to suffer from depression.

As a result of commuting there is wear and tear on your vehicle. I know from first hand that having a broken vehicle is a big reason why my job makes me depressed. Driving to work everyday puts 30,000 miles on my car every year!!! And I just payed $1,300 for replacing the engine in my car!!

If you worked from home then your commute would be from the bed to your computer chair. You wouldn’t even need to get dressed…

5. Unfair Pay

your job makes you depressed

The minimum wage has has not changed in 8 years.  It peaked in 1968 but the minimum wage has lost 9.6 percent of it’s purchasing power. How do people expect you to make a living on this much money. When the cost of everything is going up the wages should be going up too.

Seems like why my job makes be depressed has a lot to the salary. People equate how much they get paid to their self worth. If you are not paid that much and you feel like you deserve more, this will likely lead to resentment towards your job.

Especially relevant salaries for the middle class have become stagnant. From 1979 to 2013 middle class wages have only risen 6 percent over a 34 year period!! While the income of the top 1 percent as grew by 41 percent!!

6. Your Job is Not Your Passion

depression caused by your job

If your job is your passion right now, then congratulations stop reading this post and get back to work. Why your job makes you feel unhappy because it’s just not the right job for you. Find a job that works for you.

For most of the population their job is just a means to earn money. Most people are just trying to make it to the next paycheck.

Seems like it’s easy to lose site on how much money you are actually earning  because of direct deposit. Soon as it gets in your account someone else takes it out. Bills.

7. Stress

my job makes me feel downhearted

Meeting deadlines at your job can be the most stressful tasks you have in a day.  Or a certain quota that you have to reach can stress you out  fairly quickly.

Keeping on top of your health is very important in maintaining stress levels. Doing a daily exercise that makes you sweat and raises your heart rate is best.

Getting to work on time and attempting to live up to unrealistic goals set buy your boss stresses you out and hinders your performance.

8. Being Away From Loved Ones

missing my family while at work makes me depressed

The 40 hour work week is a complete time suck. The amount of time that I get to spend with my family is limited by this. Working too much can have a detrimental effect on your family.

As a result marriages with a workaholic spouse are more likely to end in divorce. Work from home and set your own hours. I would love to be home when my kids get off of school everyday.

9. Becoming Wealthy is More Difficult

not being wealthy makes me sad

How did Mr. Jefferson move up?

He started his own dry cleaning business. Wow I just realized some people probably don’t know the show The Jefferson’s. George Jefferson would not have been able to move to a deluxe apartment in the sky without owning a chain of dry cleaners.

If George worked at a dry cleaner instead of owned one I doubt he would have been moving anywhere. When you work for yourself you determine how much money you make.

Therefore becoming a millionaire will happen a lot faster by being a self starter in your own business. Rather than having a regular job just wishing to become a millionaire.

10. Your Boss

my boss makes me depressed

I know you were waiting to see this one on the list. Yes everyones most hated nemesis. Well… maybe your boss is your friend but when he says rollover you better rollover.

Bosses can call you in on your day off or send you emails after hours. They are practically ruling your life. Why my job makes me depressed is directly related to how much i like my boss.



i dislike my dismal gloomy job

There is more to life than being depressed at work. Roughly 1/3 of your life will be spent working. Do something that you love and you won’t work a day in your life. Why my job makes me depressed is important to how I will change my life forever.


  1. One thing that seems to be a trend is people take jobs because they need the money. So we take jobs because feel we have no other options. Which is sad because we spend around 40 hours a week at our place of employment, we should like where we have to be.


    1. Yes it’s so true. In this economy it’s hard to even find any job at all. We should all strive to improve our personal well being though. Thank you for the comment!!


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