10 Unusual Ways to Stop Being a Negative Person

We all have negative thoughts. They are constantly running through our heads. Thoughts telling us that we are not good enough. These thoughts are detrimental to your personal development. I have found some unusual ways to stop being a negative person.

It’s time for a change. We are better than that. I’m here to tell you that you are not dodo on a stick. You are a future Entrepreneur and Mr. Wonderful is full of shit.

Being positive is the way to go. Being positive actually leads to positive outcomes. Ever heard of something called the law of attraction. Well forget that and everything you learned about it because this is Devinism’s 10 Unusual Ways to Stop Being a Negative Person.

1. Eat Some Chocolate

Bingo! This one is a winner!

You can cheer up anybody with a chocolate peanut butter cup! It’s a good pick me up that will put those intrusive thoughts to rest.

Warning this may not work for the long term!

It will garner some momentary happy thoughts. But I don’t know what this will do for your weight stability. So just keep in mind that you may have swipe left on the chocolate occasionally. Unusual ways to stop being a negative person may cause weight gain.

2. Get Some Alone Time

You tend to be like the people that you spend of your most time with. Overtime you can develop the negative attributes of your companions.


Do some deep contemplation on why you feel the way you do. When you feel a negative thought come on;

Try to look for the trigger.

Sometimes clearing your mind from being around a lot of talking  is all that you need.

3. Start a Conversation With a Stranger

stop being a negative person

Yes Stranger Things is fucking awesome, how come you haven’t watched it? 

The best conversations you will ever have in your life will be from people you only speak to once. Talking to someone who doesn’t know you, frees you from any bias that your friends or family have impressed upon you.

They may have an interesting story that could pertain to your situation. Try not to start off the conversation with a creepy topic such as “Are you my Dad?” Or “Do you think I look pretty?” Sounds like an extra unusual way to stop being a negative person to me.

You may or may not like the response to either of those questions.

4. Make Someone Else Happy

strange way to stop being negative


Yeah sounds crazy! Step 1. Run outside and give the first person you see a hug and a kiss! Step 2. Now observe your victim for signs of happiness.

Doing someone else a favor makes you feel good about yourself.

So I was in line at WaWa one day and there was a man that was trying to pay with an EBT card. I have used those cards before. There is no shame in getting help when you need it.

For some reason his card was not working . He only had a few items. So I stepped forward and offered to pay for his items. We found out that…

 His Mother passed away the day before. 

He was having one of the worst days of his life. And I don’t know what made me help him but I did. Others in line offered help him too after I did.

There have been many times when I was desperate for help and I wished someone would step up and help me. Personally struggle to ask for help. That may be a flaw in my character…

Over the years I have learned that things will always work it’s self out.

5. Clean

weird ways to stop being a thoughtless person

If you are a negative person…

Chances are there is at least half a dozen half empty or half full water bottles in your bedroom right now. A cluttered living space just breeds negativity.

Nothing is worse for a clear mind then having an unclean work or living area. Seeing too many items in a room just overloads the senses and makes it hard to think.

Take the time to de-clutter and organize yourself.

When I am in a dirty or cluttered room, that is all I can think about. And subconsciously I know it is still bothering me. Your mind is still thinking about thousands of other things while you are observing or having other thoughts.


6. Read a Book

unheard of ways to stop being a negative person


I told you this was going to be unusual.

It doesn’t get any weirder then reading a book. I’m not talking about and an audiobook or an ebook.

I’m talking about a  book with a motherfucking cover and a spine goddammit.


It doesn’t have to be a self help book, it could be a fiction book. Preferably a book that is not about the Holocaust. Anything that makes you happy.

7. Accomplish a Small Simple Goal

failing to accomplish your goals in life

Accomplishing a small goal makes me feel like an responsible adult. When I pay a bill on time. Or when I finally answer the bill collector that has been calling me for the past 2 weeks.

Or just doing the laundry.

Do the annoying tasks that need your attention. Get them out of the way. Start off by choosing the one that takes the least amount of effort.

Doing this makes me feel like, yes i finally did that. After you accomplish your goal, the trick is to not slip right back into

watching Netflix for the next 5 hours.

Make a mental list the other tasks that you have to complete.

Starting with your hardest task can be intimidating. And if you falter you are more likely to give up and say

fuck the whole thing.

8. Go To Sleep Early

go to sleep to be a positive person

Getting the rest that your body deserves is a priority.

Your body can not function properly on poor sleep. Not getting enough sleep can lead to all sorts of health problems.

You may want to start right now and just take nap. Try to limit you’re nap from 30 minutes to an hour. Anymore than that and you might will feel

groggy and even more tired.

9. Drink Kombucha

kombucha can make you a positive person

This miracle drink has been known to stabilize your mood.

Kombucha is a fermented drink made from bacteria and yeast mixed with tea and sugar. A colony of bacteria called a SCOBY eats the sugar. The drink is very delicious and is actually low in sugar. This definitely is one of the unusual ways to stop being a negative person.

Kombucha contains vitamins B1, B6, and B12. These vitamins effect your body in ways that improve your mood and help fight depression. Some of my favorite brands are humm, GT’s Kombucha, and Kevita Master Brew Kombucha.

Don’t believe the haters 

Most of the complaints about this drink is that it taste like sludge and it’s rather expensive.

Have an open mind and try a few flavors first. And if it benefits your health then is your heath worth the extra cost…?

10. Buy Something Really Really Cheap

problems with being cheap can actually make you happy

There is something about getting a really good deal on something that makes me

super fucking happy.

I was in Walgreen’s the other day and I bought 20 packs of Orbit cinnamon gum for 14 cents each. I don’t even like cinnamon gum that much. But that’s the kind they had. I enjoyed all 280 pieces of that gum and I fucking loved every moment I thought about how cheap it was.

Go to one of your favorite stores and head straight for the clearance rack. Target is a great store for marked down items. Unusual ways to stop being a negative person may lead you to overspend.

Getting that one item you have been putting off buying for weeks cause it was too expensive, and only paying a quarter of the actual price is like heaven.

Side note:

Everything in heaven better be free, however… Jesus was a Jew so I doubt it.

Sorry not sorry.

Conclusion – 10 Unusual Ways to Stop Being a Negative Person

be a good person

I might be going to hell now.

And in hell I’m sure that everything is sold at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and there is no store discount card.

I hope these tips helped you!

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    1. Yes Kombucha is fantastic it helps your body so much. A lot of fermented foods have this same benefit. I’ve been drinking kombucha for about 2 years now. Thanks 🙂


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