5 Reasons To Fear The President

  1. Mr. Trump has somehow been given a free pass to lie to nation if he feels like it. WTF!!!! Guys this does not mean he is just being a regular guy!. You can’t say “I trust him with the country because is a ‘straight talker’!! “
  2. He is a Business man folks!!! He want’s to make money!! Do you really think he would pass up on the biggest break in his lifetime because of his high ethical standards and morals…. Yeah that’s what I thought.
  3. He stared in a Reality TV show for 10 years. His work experience… I guess….
  4. He hired billionaires for his cabinet have an affinity with making their mega corporations larger and larger and larger!!!
  5. He wants to build a wall along the Mexican boarder, he wants to ban all Muslims, he wants to impose a 35% tariff on imports from Mexico. He wants impose a %20 tariff on imports from all other countries. He is getting rid of Obamacare that has provided affordable healthcare for millions of Americans who could otherwise not afford it.

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