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5 Scandalous Reasons Why I Hate Buying Cars

I hate buying cars! Car buying is the most painful experience to go through. I dislike buying cars so much that I’m writing this to share my pain with you. There are too many options. Should you buy from a private seller or a dealer? Should you buy a Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, Honda… And then should you finance it or pay cash? 

So you drive to your local dealer and you are bombarded with sales tactics that make your head spin. Not to mention you all the things you need before you can buy a car. You should have car insurance, know your credit score and have already shopped for the best price on the internet.

Here are my  5 Scandalous Reasons Why I Hate Buying Cars. Who hates buying cars as much as I do? I mean… YOU can buy me one if you want.

1. Fake Sticker Prices

I dislike purchasing cars

Internet prices… please take them with a grain of salt. That ultra low price is for you to make contact with the dealership to build a lead. Here is a scenario of what could happen to you.

You drive up to the old rundown Nissan Dealership just off the interstate where they always say “Yes” apparently. You get anxious when you see the huge tent and wacky inflatable tube men waving at you. Every car has neon numbers on the windshields and there’s banners that read “Easy Financing Here”.

3 hours later you figure out that all those neon numbers were BS and “Easy Financing Here” does not mean guaranteed and inexpensive.

Those prices may includes  incentives like military discounts and rebates you may not be eligible for. Don’t be fooled by steep discounts just to get you in the door.

Beware of advertisements  that are only for a specific car. Often you can see good deals for cars in the newspaper. Once you get to the dealership you discover the car is not available anymore. This happens to countless people.

Who has not seen the 0 down, 0 percent APR and 0 payments for 3 months ad? Your credit rating has to be excellent to qualify for that. Everyone will not qualify for this deal. You have to have a credit score in the mid 700s to qualify for a deal like that.

My favorite scam is when dealerships glue a Car key advertisements that come in the mail. You scratch off three circles similar to a lottery ticket and if they all say win then you get a free car. A long time ago I thought I  actually won a car when I saw this in the mail. It’s so utterly ridiculous. They give you the real key when you pick up the car at the dealership obviously. Right???

2. Car Reliability 

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Is It Reliable?

When looking for a car this is probably one of the most asked questions. Usually  you ask this question after you fall in love with the car. Nobody really know the answer to this question. It’s all based on your personal experience. Because any car can break down on you . Most reliable car brands will be highly sought after and more expensive. 

Chrysler and Dodge is widely know for being unreliable. I hate buying cars that are unreliable. I own a 2011 Grand Caravan with a noisy transmission right now. Damn those Dodge brothers…

Toyota is known for being very reliable. You can put can easily put more than 200,000 miles on Camry’s and they will still run great. I have had two Toyota Camrys and they both lasted a very long time. 

Be sure to do your research. Find reliable sources for initial quality reports.

3. Finding The Money

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I hate buying cars because who has that type of money? Where does somebody get thousands of dollars to pay for a car out of no where? If you have not saved up for months, it’s hard to get a new car.

Maybe you could sell your soul to the banks. It usually comes in the form of a 5 or 6 year loan. At the end of the loan you end up paying maybe an extra $3,000 dollars. That is the cost for being a broke mo****f****. You end up being a broke motorist friend…this is a family publication guys.

As a result watch out for the total cost of the loan. Don’t just look at your monthly payment. Yes you have to be able to afford the monthly payment but an interest rate of 5% versus 7% is a huge difference in the final cost of the vehicle. Learning how to fix your credit score is very important.

Most noteworthy when you are looking for a bank loan try to apply for only a few loans. Applying for credit too much will lower your credit score. But doing so within a short period of time is better than applying for credit every other month. I hate buying cars so much that it pains me to apply for a loan.

4. Car Insurance

i don't want to buy cars

You must have car insurance by law before you buy a car. Whether you use it or not it has to be paid. That is just insane. You have to pay hundreds of dollars every year for the protection against an accident.  When buying a car you also have to add car insurance payments on top of your car payment every month for proper budgeting.  

5. Car Salesmen

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You never know whether or not to trust car salesmen. I was at a dealership recently and they said that they price their cars to sell. They list them at the lowest possible market price. The saleswoman says they are a high volume dealer. Further more she gets paid a flat rate and not a percentage of the cost of the car. Is all this true? I don’t know.

Car Salesmen always try to win you over by gaining your trust. OK maybe they aren’t the stereotypical fast talking swindlers with balding slicked back hair like the Dad from Matilda, however they may be inclined to bend the truth in their favor.

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Most of all the biggest lie is that you will get alot of money for your trade. This is simply not true, anyone with a Kelly Blue Book can see that the trade in value of a car is very low. You can get more for your car if you sell it to a private seller.


Conclusion – 5 Reasons Why I Hate Buying Cars

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I simply just hate the car buying experience. There is no way around buying a car. I hate buying cars and having to go through all this.

But wait… if you get a sugar daddy or momma you won’t have to go through this.

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but that’s not my business… if you did have one you probably would not be worried about buying a car on your own.

In conclusion we should all get a sugar momma or sugar daddy.

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But really, you have to do your research when you are car shopping. I hate buying cars without doing proper research. Buy a car that will last you a long time so you don’t have to go through this misery again for a very long time.


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