5 Steps on The Best Way To Find a Job- For the Twisted Mind

The best way to find a job is to figure out what you like. But good jobs that you like  are hard to come by now a days. In this economy it can be hard pressed to get a quality job. To find a job you may have to embellish your abilities and make promises you can’t keep.

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Acting like you already have the job works wonders for your self confidence. When you are looking for jobs you may have to apply in an industry that you are not accustomed to. You need to be sure that you have the satisfactory skills for the position. According to a recent Forbes Magazine article the Information Technology and Construction industries are seeing the most growth in the United States. Changing to either of these industries would be a wise decision when considering the growth potential and job security.

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Do some research. Figure out what industry is growing in your region. The United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports on the pay and benefits, job growth and productivity of every industry in the country.

1. Choosing the Best Job Posting Site

Step number 1 on the best way to find a job!

Driving around your town looking for job applications is so old school I shouldn’t even have to mention it. That is not the best way to find a job. Matter of fact if you ask for an application they will blankly stare and  respond “You apply online.” with an odious look on their face. They will then take your name and make sure your ass isn’t hired. I digress, this tactic is only recommended when you see a sign in the window and your not sure how else to contact them.

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There are many job posting sites on the web now a days.   You might remember sites like  Monster.com and careerbuilder.com which have been around for a long time and still have good job postings.

The new number one job posting site is Indeed.com. They receive the most traffic and have the most job postings. The website has a minimalist design similar to google search.

2. Ask Your Friends and Family

Step number 2 on the best way to find a job!

Ask your friends and family if they know of any job openings at their job. Your friends and family love you and only want the best for you. Don’t be shy around these people. They already know what you are capable of…  or not capable of. So what do you have to loose. They will either recommend a really good job that will change your life or they will turn to you and say the words…sorry. If you don’t have anyone close to you in your life try to reach out to people you know online, its worth a shot.

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3. Resume

Step number 3 on the best way to find a job!

Make sure  you have an updated LinkedIn account with your resume posted as searchable by employers. I like to use the google docs resume template. It is very easy to use and will ensure that resume is formatted correctly. Google docs also instantly saves your work after each word that you type to the cloud. So there is no risk of loosing your work. It will save you some pain and agony and put you on a straight path on the best way to find a job.

Do not put ‘References Available Upon Request’ on your resume. Even if the template puts it there for you. This is deemed not necessary because you wouldn’t put ‘No References Available Upon Request’ would you? No, if they want references they will ask for them regardless if you have this on your resume or not.  Besides it just takes up a line that you could use for something important like your accomplishments.

Try to keep your resume to one page in length. I know this sounds insane especially for people with over 20 years experience. But HR Managers have a limited amount of time to sift through hundreds of resumes. Trim the fat from your resume and only keep information that pertains to the job you ate applying for. You can cut out that job when you were 15 making pizzas unless you are applying to a restaurant for cooking staff.

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Make sure you list all of your education. List your High School Diploma or GED and any college degrees or certificates you have earned. Try to be as accurate as possible. Down to the month and year. Exact days are not necessary.

When you are describes please leave out all the times you lied, cheated and stole. That is all information that would ruin your chances. Instead list your achievements while you were there. Achievements is very important rather than things that you just did that were about of your job. If you didn’t ‘Increase revenues by 20%’ then try your best use adjectives that describe your task articulately. Use..  BIG… WORDS! To make yourself sound smart. lol! Try not to over do it!

Cover letters are a must nowadays. HR Managers have software that searches through resumes for keywords that pertain to the job opening.  The program are looking for to do most of the work for them. And sometimes they select to ignore submissions that omit a cover letter. The employer will assume that if you didn’t take the time to write a cover letter then you never really wanted the job in the first place.

4. Dress for The Job

Step number 4 on the best way to find a job!

The easiest way to find a job is to dress properly for the job. Obviously if you are applying for a job to forklift operator in a warehouse you do not have to wear a tie to your interview. It probably wouldn’t hurt but it would not kill you. You could easily wear some slacks with a polo. Unless you are applying to some Design Firm with a bunch of hipsters that where ironic t-shirts business casual is your minimum for any interview. However if you are applying to a Law office where everyone wears a tie and suit, then you should do the same. It doesn’t have to be Tom Ford, but I think you get the point.

5. The Interview

Step number 5 on the best way to find a job!

The best way to find a job all comes down to the interview. Arrive on time. Nothing sets you up for failure like being late on the first day. First impressions are very important. Conduct research on your potential employer. Don’t just look at their business webpage. That is the bare minimum that they expect everyone to do. Look into their industry so you can understand the finer points of what they do. And do not lie. It might be tempting to sweeten your appeal with some white lies here and there but these can blow up in your face. Most jobs have a 90 day probation period where they can fire you for any reason whatsoever. If they find out that you really cant clone goats and you promised them that you were the best goat cloner in the western hemisphere, you will be royally screwed my friend. Hopefully now you understand the best way to find a job.


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