6 best frugal ways to save money

6 Best Frugal Ways to Save Money

In these times our future is unpredictable. You can throw your crystal balls away. Maybe trade it for an Amazon Fire Stick or something useful. Our future is now controlled by a twitter account. Our nation’s economy could be crushed by one elicit Tweet from the Buffoon of State, Donald Trump. So it’s better to stash some cash away by using the best frugal ways to save money. You better get started saving cause Mr. President never got around to draining that swamp he talked about.

6 Best Frugal Ways to Save Money

Anyways here are some super frugal ways to save money before the value of the dollar is reduced to nada.

1. Pack Your Lunch

Best Frugal Ways to Save Money

Don’t we all miss the days of wishing your Mom would buy you a lunchable but she says you can’t because you eat lunch for free at school. Well we all got older and now we are not forced to eat the mystery rib sandwich or those dry ass chicken nuggets. We are now perfectly content with eating at Panera Bread or Chipotle.

All of that is besides the point people. In fact do not read the above paragraph. Buying your lunch is really expensive. It cost too much bruh. Fix your food ahead of time so you’re not spending money en la calle. (in the street) đŸ™‚

Alex Torres is the king of meal prepping. Go follow him on instagram @mealprepmondays he is a Dad to 4 kids and saves a ton of money by prepping his meals. Also check out his website at mealprepmondays.com. There are some great easy meal ideas and he is a great inspiration.


6 Best Frugal Ways to Save Money


2. Never Pay for Napkins and Plasticware

Best Frugal Ways to Save Money

The average American family spends $182 on paper towels. Ok this one is not a huge money saver but I’d like to make the point that a little goes a long way. Adopting more frugal habits like this one can add up to some cold hard cash savings.


6 Best Frugal Ways to Save Money


3. Make Coffee at Home

Decide to make your coffee at home today. My wife and I love our 4 dollar Iced Caramel Macchiatos but that can add up. The average American spends 1,100 dollars a year on coffee. About  100 million Americans drink coffee everyday. That’s billions of dollars on a beverage. It’s time to cut back people, learn some self control. You’re drinking water strained through crushed up beans for god’s sake… now where did i leave my coffee cup…dammit!

6 Best Frugal Ways to Save Money


4. Don’t Poo at Home


Clearly if you think about this you will see the savings. A few are obvious, you will save on toilet paper and water. I know being frugal with your toilet paper is dangerous but it will save you some money.

Older toilets can use anywhere from 3.5 gallons to 7 gallons of water per flush. Newer toilets are efficient and use around 1.6 gallons per flush or 1.6 GPF. You have to look for the saving people, do think Warren Buffet got to where he is today from pooing at home, of course not.

And to all the people that like to roll their hand around the toilet paper and use half a roll of paper, when the economy crashes you will be too broke to wipe your ass. Respectfully, of course.

The average american uses 50 pounds of toilet paper in one year. Try to cut that back, maybe give yourself a pound of paper to use every month. Again use the bathroom at work, school, restaurants, wherever you can. My favorite is at a relatives house, feels like home but its not.

Here are the not so obvious savings:

Cleaning Supplies


Light Bulbs


Toilet Maintenance


6 Best Frugal Ways to Save Money


5. Don’t Pay for the Internet

Image result for too much internet meme

Who really needs the internet…ok well everyone needs the internet. How would anyone see my blog without it?

Maybe a network of enthusiast that attaches thumb drives to pigeons and hope that other people find it enjoy it and release the pigeons or maybe penguins for Atlantic travel, it’s still a work in progress.

True story, my father used his neighbors internet for 10 years before he couldn’t connect to it anymore .My Father is very frugal about spending money. He now pays Verizon for internet now. I was so jealous all those years.


6 Best Frugal Ways to Save Money

6. Don’t Pay for Cable TV

Image result for cable tv meme

You should cut your cable TV. Comcast’s advertised price for their triple play package (phone, internet, cable) is 89.99. Now that is without any of the extras like multiple boxes, higher speeds, HD, DVR, you know all the things that make it cost nearly $200 dollars a month.

In our house we are starting to watch YouTube more than Netflix and Hulu. Regular TV comes in a dead last, maybe once or twice a month. Something tells me that I will miss out on something if I don’t keep it. But the truth is that we don’t watch it.

The last show we watched regularly on TV was The Walking Dead. After they did almost a mini series about the Governor in season 4 we stopped watching. Yes I know I’m lame for not watching up to season 7.

In the end it doesn’t even matter, I tried so hard, and fell so far so just cut the damn cable TV. ~Linkin Park

I’m sure you have heard about the Amazon Fire stick and how people are hacking them. I got one for my wife on her birthday! Yayyy! And I got an app called Kodi installed on it view movies for free. I also have Amazon Prime and they have fantastic shows on it.


Conclusion – 6 Best Frugal Ways to Save Money

Being the best at frugal ways to save money is something that you consciously have to think about all the time. You may pass up on some instant savings over your day. The next time that you have to spend a lot of money for an emergency is always just around the corner. Next week the motor or the transmission could go up in your car. Or you may have to call a repair man to do some HVAC work. It doesn’t hurt to have a rainy day fund.

Save up for that emergency by making your coffee before work, taking a poo at work,  bringing your lunch, and maybe taking one more poo before you leave.

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  1. #4 makes me laugh! But #6 definitely. I can’t express that enough. I haven’t had cable in 3 years and I’m doing fine with just my internet because I can stream everything online. Great post!


    1. Wow 3 years strong with no cable that’s great! I predict that eventually TV and the internet will be the same thing and we won’t have an option anymore. Just having the internet is the way to go until then. I’m glad you enjoyed it Thanks! đŸ™‚


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