Dark Roast Coffee!!@R$@#@

I have figured out the cure for tiredness, irritability and overall weakness. You are not drinking enough coffee. And if you are drinking ice coffee it isn’t having the right effect. I was a long time drinker of ice coffee. Let me tell you I would drink two large Dunkin Donuts Ice coffees in one day. That’s like 64 ounces of coffee. I felt really tired and jittery all the time.

Then when I stopped drinking ice coffee. And only drank hot coffee. I felt so much better. I can focus and get my jobs done whole lot faster than I ever did. In the mornings I start off with a large dark roast with almond milk from Dunkin Donuts. And then later in the afternoon I will drink some of the work coffee black. And then I’m good for the day. For some reason I don’t feel tired and jittery like with ice coffee. ¬†And I don’t touch cold brew coffee anymore cause that shit will fuck you up for real.

And I think it’s probably important to stay consistent with the amount that you take in everyday. How come there isn’t a place of worship for coffee that people go to and give offerings and congregate together…. oh yea never-mind.

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