Devinism – definition

This is my philosophy on life. This is anything that I feel that I have to say. The topics will cover anything I find interesting. (I sound like a complete asshole) This is here for you to read  or watch if you want to. I’m just here to share.  And it’s completely unfiltered because I filter everything I say and do in real life.

I few things I’m into: I just bought a partial drum kit with 4 drums, I still need to buy cymbals so I will be learning to play the drums. I am trying to go vegan and I believe going vegan is what everyone should do. But I also will throw down a full rack of ribs from time to time (Im learning). I have another website called where I write satirical articles about news and stuff. I enjoy building computers I just put together a new AMD computer that cost under $500.  I’m an aspiring writer I’m working on a screenplay right now for a movie. And I plan on doing short comedy skits too. So I hope this is just the beginning of something really good, really I just hope there is a follow up to this beginning!

For years I have always wanted to do something like this but I never get motivated enough to do anything. I’m 26 years old so Im closer to 30 than 20. Im getting old. WTF!!! So Im going to post every single day for the rest of my life (30 years old). And the only way this will work is if I write literally what is straight off the dome.  So that means close to 90% of my content will be complete shit. You are really gonna have to look for the gems people mhhmmm K!


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