Election Update

I can only see the this weeks latest events as, Donald Trump was never meant to be President. They are making sure that the election is secure for Hillary Clinton. Not that I’m upset at all. Donald Trump is horrible human being. Hillary Clinton will be a better president for what ever that is worth (not much). All this election was a show so that Clinton doesn’t look that shitty. Okay children, who do you want as president ¬†a Douche or a Turd?

I am amazed at the people that are no longer supporting Donald Trump now. I mean everything he did up until this point was fine with you. His supporters thought he was a great guy talking about Mexicans being rapist and carrying diseases¬† and building a wall and keeping Muslims out of the country. You all ready knew he disrespects women at any chance he gets. Now you find out that he likes to grab tits, pussy and ass and you’re shocked as fuck lmao!


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