How To Be a Father and Provide for Your Family in 2017


How To Be a Father and Provide for Your Family in 2017

Do you ever think to yourself, why is life as parent so hard? Well encase you didn’t I already did it for you and I put it into an easy to read list format. I will go over the top 6 obstacles of how to father and provide for your family.

1. Netflix / Hulu

In the age of the Internet, life comes with it’s challenges. Finding time for most things gets harder. We are spending more and more time on the internet. Binge watching is America’s new past-time. Who has time to watch a whole baseball game anyways (I never did like watching baseball on TV, only in person).

Why not watch some of the most award winning television in history for 3 hours straight, instead of spending quality time with your family. Whoops! There have been times when everyone in my family is streaming something from Netflix in four separate rooms OMFG! Lets try to teach our children something, other than the Netflix password.

A balance has to be struck. Like wait a minute I have been lying in my filth for 2 hours straight, and…  I think something is burning in the kitchen.

2. Social Media

Now at certain points of Fatherhood your challenges will change. I have 3 children ages 7,4 and 3. So needless to say I am not checking their profiles to see if they are sexting or bullying. This is about your Social Media use as a father. If they are other than watch them like a hawk!

When you are around your kids they need your attention! Most of the time when they are still young they are desperately trying to win your attention. It’s better to give it to them now before they are too old and desperately trying to get away from you.

Checking your phone here and there is fine but when your child looks up and you are always looking down at your phone instead of them its a problem. Try to engage your child with meaningful conversation to instill values.

3. School

walking to school on a monday walking home from school on a friday meme

An education makes a huge difference in a child’s life. Now I’m not saying you have to tell your child ‘School Is Cool!’ your child will truly despise you for saying that. We all know that school can be the most miserable place on the planet.  We have to understand that our kids are gonna run into problems so we have to be there for them asking questions and checking their backpack. Set the tone for education being something of high value without being too pushy and overbearing.

A quality education will set your child up for success. Instilling good study habits is a must. So limiting their cell phone or tablet use is important. Kids are constantly fighting over tablets or cell phones. You gotta give them a break from it every once in a while.

Teachers are there to help your kids succeed. That is their function but it’s up to us to make sure that the teacher delivering quality education. Private school is very expensive I understand that, sometimes we don’t really have the option of sending our kids anywhere we want. Work with what you got. Don’t implicitly trust the teachers, they should earn your trust, all these teachers are not created equally.

4.Baby Momma

i aint just another bitch i'm yo baby mama meme

Working with your spouse on parenting could possibly be the most important aspect of raising children. Learning how to Father and Provide for your Family is a growing experience that you share with your spouse.

As a Father displaying a loving / friendly relationship with the your wife or baby-mama is very important. Children learn everything from watching our interactions. One of the things they learn is conflict resolution. Problems will come up where you and your partner will not agree, so try to resolve these problems in a wholesome manner.

You have to give your partner some degree of freedom (it’s their child too), so don’t micro-manage their parenting. Try to address issues carefully! It is best to be as supportive as possible for your partner!

5. Gifts / Holidays


How to Father and provide for your family always comes down to money. It’s every father’s dream to give their children more than what their parents provided for them. It’s hard for children to truly understand how this world works. Most children seek happiness in possessions. You don’t have to give your child everything and spoil them but you don’t want them to feel deprived. You have to try strike a balance in your judgments. Maybe they don’t need the Barbie dream-house, maybe a Barbie Camper will work instead.

6. Job

things i hate about my job 1. getting out of bed 2. people 3. working

This is a tough one.  Children need their father and they also need a roof over their head. Going to your job everyday to provide for your family IS taking care of your family. But your children don’t see that. If you make some extra money doing some side work on the weekend, that is fantastic!

But children would much rather be spending time with their parents. Every moment that you spend away from your children is a missed opportunity to stop them from doing something stupid… lol or teaching them something important. Save some of your free time for your kids when you aren’t working so hard.


Thanks for reading and I hope that I covered a few topics that could help you or entertain you. I really enjoy writing these. Being a father is the biggest blessing you will ever receive in your life so cherish it!

I hope to do more Top 6 post in the future. Please comment below for any Top 6 ideas you have for me to post about. I’m going to be posting a lot more often now.  I want to branch out and do video post too. Weekly vlogs would be great. I’m gonna put the link to my YouTube channel below. Please follow me there for vlogs and other fun updates.

Here is a short rant from earlier in the year about my life and having daughter!

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