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How to Find Balance in Your Life

Finding balance in your life is one of the hardest things to do. You have to prioritize your time and make time for what matters the most. Learning how to find balance in your life is a marathon not a sprint.

And making time for yourself isn’t being selfish. Your priority one day isn’t the same as the last. Take an hour to take care of yourself and then  go back to whatever your life needs you for. I am going to go over some tips on how to structure your day and remain in the moment every day.

This is definitely something that I have not even come close to perfecting. Failing at making time in my life for things that need to get done really sucks. I hope that this can be a growing experience that we can build upon.

I will try to implement these tips of finding more balance in my life and keep you posted of my progress. Outside of this blog I have an almost unlimited amount of obligations.

Most of you have not read any of my earlier post so let me just say that my name is Devin and I am 27 years-old married for 8 years with 3 children 7, 4,3 years old. I have a  1 hour 20 minute commute one way 4 days a week. And I work 10 hour shifts. If I can find the time to change my life then you do not have a excuse. Or maybe you do idk you…

Honestly in the past 9 years of my life I feel that so many aspects of my life have been ignored and neglected. I have spent so much time doing pointless things. Time has passed I have stayed still. And I don’t want that to happen to me anymore. I’m tired of waiting for a better future. I want to make it happen.


How to find balance in your life-

Count The Free Hours in Your Day

keep a balance between working and playing

Find out how much time you have not allotted to a mandatory task. Let’s say from 9am to 5pm you are at your job (Mandatory). Fill those gaps in-between your mandatory tasks with a task that will help you get somewhere in your life.

How you find balance in your life may be different from others. I don’t know about everyone else but I probably do not get enough sleep.

Don't work too much save time for reading

I believe I am able to function on a minimal amount of sleep but it does wear on me. Right now I am writing this post at 3am and I have to leave for work at 7am. I went to bed around 11:30 pm and I work up in the middle of the night. And I thought “what a perfect time to start writing”.  For me I have found out that the magic number is 5 hours of sleep. Any less than that and I will feel like complete shit. My body has figured out that I can run on optimal settings without crashing like this.

Do what works for you.

Oh and who could forget about the ridiculous amounts of coffee that I drink. I start of with a large cup of coffee from either McDonalds or Dunkin Donuts in the mornings. Then I drink the awful work coffee in the afternoon. Yuck!


How to find balance in your life-

Cut Out Your Time Wasters

don't be distracted from your goal of finding a work life balance


Your time wasters are activities that don’t get you anywhere. Activities that actually have a negative or neutral effect on your life.

I have a few vlogs that I watch on YouTube. It’s entertaining for a little bit. It lifts my spirits. But after that I’m done. I don’t go on and on watching more pointless videos. Bwahahahaa!!! Yea who I’m I kidding. I am very guilty of this. It’s the YouTube curse.

But that is what you have to do. Get in and get the f*** out. GET OUT!! lmao! That was time you could have spent reading a book to your child before they go to sleep or putting a load of dirty clothes in the washer or finally put together that bunked you promised your kids a month ago. I gotta find time for that this weekend… There may be other task around your house for how you can find balance in your life then what I have mentioned.


How to find balance in your life-

Taking On New Responsibilities

don't let responsibility of your life get you down

This is a tough one. I get caught up in my new ideas then I completely for get about my last. Or I realize how the f*** can I do X,Y,Z when I still haven’t done A,B, and C. Obviously your family comes before anything else but make time for yourself.

I have a very long to do list. Most of the things on my list are unfinished projects. And when I say list I don’t mean a physical list, I’m not nearly that organized. Such has painting the bathroom. There are currently 4 different colors on the wall that apparently all changed into a color we hated by the time we brought it home.

Make a plan to do something and do it. Planning ahead can avoid problems like this. We could have paid someone to choose the colors for us and we would have saved time and money! lol!


The color that is on the wall now is staying for now because we  are having visitors from out of state coming over soon. Talk about cutting it close. The color is not the best but whatever! We will probably change it again.

If anything else popped up right now I think that I would loose it.


How to find balance in your life-

Cut Off Negative People

don't let negative people distract you from being positive

The people that literally drain the life from you while you  are in their presence. The people that never seem to be satisfied with life. They seek placing blame on anything that occurs in their life. If you have a positive comment about something, they immediately s*** on it.

You listen too their every gripe and complaint and offer reasonable advise and until you realize that they don’t won’t reasonable advise they want someone that is just as angry and miserable as they are. And so you sink to their level to comfort them. Because you might love them. You would do anything to see them be happy but appeasing to their needs seems like the only thing that works.

Until they can slowly realize on their own or from the advice others how ridiculous they have been. Yea… cut these people out of your life.


How to find balance in your life-


Learning how to find balance in your life is a learning process. It takes time. I am not an expert on this topic. Sharing my thoughts on this is the best I can do.  It seems like the key for long term growth in anyone’s life is finding a balance.

In an earlier post I rant about particular things that cause an imbalance in my  life.




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