I Started a FIVERR GIG !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Listen guys. If you don’t know what fiverr is than leave this f#@%$ing blog and go there now. Because it is the best place on the internet to date. Besides p@%* sites I mean I know there are like 2 or 3 dirty tabs open next to this one right now….

Fiverr is a marketplace where people you can basically get people to do shit for you that you are too lazy to do for your self. I could pay someone 5 bucks to do this for me like go check out the other best place on the internet…. don’t judge. But no ideally you would use this website for things that you can’t do yourself like programming or building a website.

So I started a gig where I will promote a product or brand for someone for 5 bucks in a 1 min to 3 min video. Very simple. If somebody wants to give me 5 bucks i will do just about anything. And there are so many people looking for help and on some request buyers will only get like 4 offers from sellers for promotion videos. So there is a demand out there that is not being filled.

Checkout my gigs {insert racial slur}!




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