Making Money Online

I have been trying to crack this egg for a long time. First by lightly tapping it; Second dropping on the floor; Thirdly smashing it on counter, and then finally sitting down  to eat with shells in your eggs.

This is probably my fourth or fifth website. Maybe tenth domain name I have bought. And endless hours spend googling and watching youtube. I’m not sure if I have really learned anything. One thing I have learned is that to be successful at anything it takes time and determination. I feel determined but I make excuses for not having time.

My problem is that if I don’t really care about something, then I don’t give any fucks about it. I have a lot of unfinished projects.

Well this open format of me writing whatever I want at a given time really works for me. Time will time if this will pay off. I hope it does. To make money online do something that excites you and listen to your spirit.

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