The Millennial Entrepreneur of 2018 – The Insane Guide (Top 3 Entrepreneurs to Follow)

Were you born somewhere between 1983 and 1995?

You are a millennial.


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Society has labeled you as being a slacker, entitled and undeserving.

Do you feel unaccomplished?

Maybe you feel that you deserve more for yourself. Find that accomplishment and pride for yourself. No one is going to go out and get it for you.

Your Baby Boomer parents are tired of buying you new cars when you wreck yours. Or when you completely stop doing maintenance on your car because you couldn’t afford it.

talking about myself 🙁 

Little did you know that oil change ended up costing you a whole new engine. The careless mistakes are stacked on top of you or actually myself.

Now you have years and years of mistakes and missed opportunities. You look back on everything that you have accomplished and you are not pleased.

You have a desire to accomplish more…

it’s that entrepreneurship inside you…

It’s dying to burst out of you!

Yes, that’s the entrepreneur in you. It’s ugly. But let it breathe. Let it live.

How do you tame this alien killer inside of you?

Well, first you have to feed it?

It’s a hungry newborn so it doesn’t know what to eat. It tries occasional google searches, those are just french fries.

How about some meat and potatoes? (or black bean burger and sweet potato fries 😉


I’m vegetarian 😉

I bigger meal would be books, podcast, youtube videos, online courses, webinars or a coaching program.

There are so many resources online on how to become an entrepreneur. I will give you my favorite 3 entrepreneurs that I have learned the most from.

But first, let’s talk about college.


Everyone Says Go to College…


This is just my rant. I am not telling you to go or not to go to college.

Try the traditional way and go to college. I dare you to finish that community college career path that is laid out for you.

Did you ever expect you to finish that bullshit? 120 credit hours of Arts and Humanities, Math, English and some other classes that would somehow lead you to the middle class.

Let’s say that you actually finished college. Now you have at least $50,000 in student loans. You have to pay that back as soon as you graduate. After all that investment you may not even enjoy your new job.

In the end, college really isn’t for everyone.

Why does the middle class feel like…ehh

But you know what else, even if you get a good job no one taught you how to manage your money properly.

By the time you figure out what the hell credit is you already have bad credit. Right around the time that you want to buy a house. By this time you already have some kids.

(yup I control your life now)

My poor little Millenial, you are in quite a mess. But there is another path out of this disaster.


The New Reality – People Are Making Money Doing What!?

20-year-olds are getting rich and speeding down the highway in brand new Pearl White Teslas.

And a white kid from the Suburbs of Chicago named David Dobrik hops out one of the Teslas. He is a Vlogger and in the video below he blindfolds all his friends and puts a tarantula on top of them.

He records them freaking out and uploads it to Youtube. The video got 9.3 million views and it made him thousands of dollars.

That is the reality that we are living in; Today people are making tons of money online. And we as Millennials are the most well equipment generation to take advantage of this.

Your time is now. You can do anything that you want to do.

You don’t want to be a You-tuber?


Then try something else! In this day and age, you will be left in the dust if you are not firing on all cylinders. You have to give it all you got!

Start feeding that Alien inside you. It doesn’t know what to eat. Here are some industry influencers that I am paying attention to. And you should too.

Gary Vanerchuck

He grew his families wine business WineLibrary from 3 million in sales to over 60 million. He was also an early investor in Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Uber.

If you haven’t heard about him then you have been living under a rock. He has a youtube channel GaryVee, a podcast  The GaryVee Audio Experience, and I personally enjoy following him on Instagram GaryVee. Gary puts a lot of effort into his content.

He is at the top of the food chain and everyone should be listening to this crazy motherfucker. (he likes to curse a lot, you get used to it)

Gary’s new book Crushing It-How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too. The perfect guide to a path of professional and financial success.

I Have the audio edition of this book on pre-order (April 3rd release date).

But you can buy the paper edition today. It’s already a classic.

Joe Pulizzi


Joe Pulizzi is the founder of  Content Marketing Institute, it is the leading education and training organization for content marketing, which includes the largest in-person content marketing event in the world, Content Marketing World.

I am currently reading his new book Killing Marketing-How Innovative Businesses Are Turning Marketing Cost Into Profit.

Joe Pulizzi and  Robert Rose (co-author) writes about how all of the Advertising and Marketing companies are blind to other strategies to do marketing the right way. In the future, all marketing departments will be media companies that create content to build an audience for profit.

Big companies used to be the only ones that could afford to run large expensive TV and Radio ads. Now the power is in the hands of the people. You can now be your own media company.

That 5.5-inch piece of glass in your hand is all you need to be multi-million dollar media company.

Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy built a  multi-million dollar copywriting company single-handedly. She was in school to become a nurse when she started freelance writing in her spare time. The more she spent being a freelance writer the less time she had for nursing school. There came a day when she had to make a decision. She decided to drop out of nursing school so that she can pursue writing as a career.

Julia’s business grew quickly and she needed to expand. So she had to start hiring people to help. Before she knew it she was landing bigger and bigger clients.

Express Writers is now a multi-million dollar business. Please visit her blog TheWriteBlog and listen to her podcast The Write Podcast. Her podcast is a goldmine of Content writing and marketing strategies.

She is a fantastic inspiration to other Millenials.

Here is her latest book Practical Content Strategy & Marketing. This is a must-read. I can’t wait to read it myself.

When Are You Successful?

Don’t measure your success in dollars? Measure it in your happiness.

Personally, I would be happy just to replace the income from my fulltime job.

Success is different for everyone. But what I do know is that you have to make tomorrow happen today. I try to make progress every day; it’s about progression and taking small steps.

I haven’t made a dime from Devinism. But I know that I’m closer to that dime then I was last week.

What Do I Do Now?

Feed yourself with books, podcast, and youtube videos. Learning is an evolving process. Educate yourself with information that you need presently and then take action.

But don’t get stuck in the learning phase. You have to start doing. You can only prepare for so long before you have to start your practice. Everything that you do is practice before you succeed. You are constantly practicing.

Final Words

Push yourself and one day it will pay off. Follow the leaders above, they are truly inspiring. Joe Pulizzi, Gary Vee, and Julia McCoy were all beginners at one point.

Everything that you and I are going through, someone has already been there before.

This is one of Gary Vaynerchuck’s first You-tube videos. It’s not the best quality video. But he got started. And if he didn’t do that he wouldn’t be where he is today.


It’s all about being consistent and sticking with your goals.

Have a nice day.

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