My Commute to Work and More About Me

I live in Easton, Md. And I drive to Laurel, MD 4 days a week. And work a 10 hour shift.

Sound kinda typical right… wrong! Laurel is 65 miles one way! That’s 130 miles on the road 4 times a day. That’s 3 hours of driving every day! I must be insane. Really stupid, right?

Wrong again! I’m doing it for my family yo! Our families live in Easton so we bought a house there. Me and my wife went to High School there too. So why not tie our selves down with a mortgage and rot here.

I have three children; girl 6, boy 4, and girl 3. So we needed the help from our parents. No, my wife and I were not always in bed together, it was the living room too. Damn!!!!!!!

So after we were expecting baby number 2 we moved out of our apartment in Glen Burnie and bought a house in Easton. I had a 30 min commute to my job. Then I fucking tripled my commute and my dependents.

I am use to it now. People freak out when I tell them and they look at me like I was bleeding from head trauma. During my rides I listen to NPR and audio books mostly. And the nice officers give me sheets of paper with an amount due for some reason every few months it seems like.

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