My description of the 5th dimension and our Reality

I wrote this a while ago. If the past year I have taken a huge interest in philosophy. At the moment this is how I define where we are right now and what the next reality will be like.

The 5th dimension is like running  though time and existence all at once.At any second you could be at any time any place or any possible outcome of your existance. The fifth dimension is about your spirit. It is your ultimate existance that never dies. The full culmulation of thousands of lives of existances. Ones true self that unique vibration felt through every dimension.The ultimate manifestation of ones true self. The only thing holding ones self back is holding onto the veils of the third dimension. The mind is a fogged lens unwittingly perceived to be clear. Through observation and conjecture we name shadows and define their source.

The spirit wields boundless power and speed. Instantaneous manifestation is possible through thought.The conscience observes the full range of possibility. It must not be compelled to fall to the fallacies of the third dimension. Everyone’s bad qualities are still there, it’s that you choose not to observe it at the moment. Happiness simply has to be chosen. In this world we are drawn to depression and negativity. And that is what manifest in our lives. In the third dimension it just takes a lot longer because we are trapped in these bodies. If we were thrown into the fifth dimension we would be overcome with fear. I believe this reality for preparing us for the fifth dimension through re-incarnation.

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