New President

So Donald Trump will be our next president. This is setup to be the most unpredictable next 4 years of this country. He hasn’t even been inaugurated and he is causing a stir with the business ┬ácommunity. He is telling companies what they can and cannot do, that’s something traditional Republicans are staunchly apposed to. Republicans are suppose to support a free market. Pushing around companies and threatening then with 35 percent tariffs on imports is crony capitalism.

Now, on the face of it some people might say he is protecting American jobs. This is a slippery slope my friends. I know that our system is corrupt and has economics not based in a reality that is fair for common people but I don’t think this is how we will fix it. This feels like federal government overreach.

We are gonna have a president controlling the nation from his twitter account attacking businesses all while making a fortune on his own personal business ventures.


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