One Simple Trick To Getting Through a Quarter Life Crisis

Millennials are taking over the world. We graduated high school. We went to college. Then came marriage and children. And it hardly ever comes in that order though. We thought we had the worst of it, then came the quarter life crisis.

Here Comes The Quarter Life Crisis

Once you hit your mid 20s either one of these life changing events has happened to you. It rocks your world. It changes your perspective forever. I am a completely different person from when I was 20 years old to now as a 28 year old.

balance your life to get through your quarter life crisis

Going through such a dramatic change so quickly can  mean a new beginning in your life. It hits you, knocks you off your feet and it tries to bury you six feet under; damn you… quarter life crisis.


You ask yourself, why did this happen to me?


What did I do to deserve this?

Well… life stinks my friend.


Then your logical reasonable self says “Hey it’s not that bad it could be worse.” Which is a load of BS.

Because you know that if you are lying face first in a pile of your own shit you’re not gonna say “Hey it could be worse.”   

I’m tired. I just want to call myself a success!! And go to sleep.

I just wish I could live as someone else for just one day. Just so that I can be sure that I’m not the only one going through hell right know.

Is it just me or are things heating up? Haha…

What Will 2018 Hold for Me

feeling depressed about being in your 20s and unsuccessful calamity

I don’t know.

This past year was a whirlwind. People have used this cliche countless times but this is the only way  I can describe 2017. It came and went. It punched me in the mouth so that I could taste my own blood. I think that 2017 just made everything slightly more shitty for me. How about you?

Conforming to the 40 hour work week

I can’t do it. 2018 must be the last year that I go to work 4 days a week for 10 hours. I hate it soooo much,. It makes me want to break into pieces. I have a demanding home life that is the center of my universe.

My job is not the center of my universe. My home is what matters to me. Not my job. My family needs me more. I spent the last week of 2017 home and the first week of 2018 home. I now know more than ever that my place is with my family.

I Didn’t Choose My Career

don't be afraid to follow your heart when going through a catastrophe

First of all most people never truly choose their career. They get pushed into it from an outside force that at the time over powered them. This may be a cause for a quarter life crisis.

I was taking electronics courses in High School and I found that I enjoyed it. I enjoyed seeing what I could create. I liked electronics but not so much the math part.

Since it was my senior year I needed to decide what I would be doing for the rest of my life and go to school for it. While i was hypnotized by my PS2 and my girlfriend at the time I made the faithful decision to attend the now defunct ITT Technical  Institute.

I was dooped by the excellent target marketing by ITT Tech; that sought after unmotivated males seeking collegiate enrollment with under-performing grades.

I did get a job in my field that pays well. But that 2 year degree cost me $40k. My only college degree is from a school that is closed for fraud :(.

ITT Tech would take anyone that could sign for student loans. So they took me. I did learn electronics. But I was going through the motions. I didn’t challenge myself. I was  too busy watching Naruto and drinking beer for the first time so I didn’t care too much.

life could be worse so try to appreciate the best of it if you are going through a n emergency

Anywayz – Main Idea

You have got to where you are in your life for many different reasons. That doesn’t define who you are. That is just your history. Live in the present not in the past. Focus on creating an environment that will foster positive growth. This will be different for everyone.

Having My Own Business

controlling your work life can be a easy way to improve your life in a problem time

Therefore this is the only way I can be free. I need to provide for myself and my family and be free from the control of my boss. If I have to choose between my home life and my work life there is no contest.

As a result I need to work from home to be successful. I need to work on my own to be happy. I am capable of so much more than my 9 to 5 job. Millennials going though a crisis like this can relate.


Goals for 2018

in the moments approaching a disaster you must hold on to your goals

Fuck new years resolutions. The name is dated and it’s corny asf. I’m changing it now. It’s now new years redemption. I’m going to make up for all the dumb shit that I did in 2017. Last year I was in the deep end without my floaties on.

It was pathetic. I entered the new years with a broke down car and $20 in my checking account.

My goal is to get 100 visitors a day to my blog. This is certainly an attainable goal for me. I will work to redouble my efforts to attain this goal.

I will post twice a week. To be a successful writer you must write everyday. And I intend to do so. Posting every week will give me the momentum that I need to get more visitors to my blog.

Organization in my life is key. My life too unorganized and unpredictable to make plans. If I plan to do something it quickly gets gobbled up by something else.

Being a homeowner is tough. Keeping up with the house hold matinance and repairs can be a real struggle. I need to get these task out of the way so that I can do the things that I would rather spend my time on.

Conclusion – Find Your True-self
don't follow the crowd and be your trueself in times of calamity

Ultimately it’s about finding what speaks from your heart.

Therefore I am choosing my career again. I will be a writer. I will be a creator. That is what pushed me into choosing electronics. Having the ability to create things.

But with words there is no limit to what you can create. The mind has no bonds. I will push myself to work harder than I ever have. I feel that i get my best work when I am emotionally attached to my work.

I am 2 years from 30 and I still have some growing to do. And a quarter life crisis to deal with.

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