Presidential Debate

So I watched the first Presidential debate the other night and I really got what I expected. Not very much. All of the questions and answers were very topical. There was no in-depth talk of policy at all.

Unless you count Donald Trump support of Stop and Frisk policies that racially discriminated against citizens of color. Whether it was effective or not (give me break) the  mass discrimination and incarceration of minorities can not be argued.

Hillary Clinton seemed very poised and ready answer questions from the list of memorized responses in her head. Donald Trump was aggressive and called Hillary out on flip flopping on the North American Free Trade Agreement that she was quoted as saying it was the “gold standard in trade agreements”. My guess is that she wanted to pick up some Bernie Sanders supporters by changing her stance.

But, truly it was a show. Nothing more than any other reality show you can find of television. My guess is that behind closed doors Trump and Clinton are close friends. I don’t have any proof but anybody that has researched the truth about our government knows that it’s all bull***t.

Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party will be getting my vote this November. Anything we can do to break up this two party system will do some good.

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