Should You Follow Your Dreams or Just Get a Job?

When you turn 18 or when you graduate high school some decisions were made. Those decisions will try to define your life.

Don’t let it happen.

It’s unfair for you to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life when you turn 18. Your true self isn’t really developed yet. So you’re just kinda guessing.

Parents advise their children on going to college and getting a career. The hope is that there is a job waiting for you at the end. A job that will give you everything you want in life. The American Dream.

You can pursue the “Job”. That means going to college or learning a trade. Let’s say you always wanted to be a plumber then being a plumber apprentice is probably the only way to do that.

But college or training from an institution isn’t always needed. The internet is the college or the training that you need.

What if you were meant to be an entrepreneur. In some people, there is a burning desire to aspire to do something more in life.


Decide Where Your Life Will Take You

The idiom of the starving artist is true. It’s difficult to make a living from music, writing, dancing, or artwork. And most small businesses don’t turn a profit until their 2nd year.

This is the path less traveled.

It’s that path that almost everyone tells you not to take. They say it’s too complicated or you will never make.You will hear every excuse possible on why you should not pursue your dreams.

And they will say things like all those famous stars that made it through was just lucky. That is not true. Anyone is free to follow this path.


How Determined Are You?

People perform their best under the most pressure. If you are living comfortably with a well-paid job then you won’t fight for your dreams like you would in another circumstance.

What if your craft was your only option?

If your family needed to eat and you’re a guitarist, you would be performing on the sidewalk to get money. All the while you would be mastering your craft. Practicing and performing. You would feed on the energy of the crowd to learn what pleased the audience.

Performing on the street corner is more than difficult. It’s a very uncomfortable situation to be in.

The circumstances are grim but it’s an example. In this example, you could learn the skills to perform to large crowds and then maybe audition to play at local venues.


Relying on Yourself is the Key to Success.

I dare you to treat your dreams like your family’s livelihood depended on it.  You must rely on yourself to be persistent and passionate.Everyone has a passion for their craft. At some point, they fell in love with it.

Let us say for example it has always been your dream to own a restaurant and make the best blueberry pancakes (my favorite :). You love cooking and entertaining people.

First a guitarist now a chef…smh

It is persistence that will get you to apply for the 3rd, 4th or maybe even 10th loan application for your business loan if it gets denied. It is persistence that will make you show up at 5 AM to prepare the kitchen to feed dozens of customers.

Who is passionate about getting up for work at 5 AM? There must be internal drive and desire to achieve greatness.

Many people are passionate about professional sports. How come they are not professional sports athletes?

now sports omfg…

They have something else inside them that bears down and gives them 110% effort when you only need 100%.


How to Know What Your Calling is

There is something in your life that is calling you. What have you given up in life so you could pay the bills?

For me, I rediscovered that I like to write. All the time I spent in college and the 8 years that I spent working in my industry. I had no clue that I could do anything else.

I wanted to go back to school to finish my bachelor’s degree in electronics. But at this point that just isn’t for me… and math sucks

When I Was a Kid

I made my own comic book series. They were only 5 to 6 pages long but I made 4 issues of the comic. I loved creating stories. I even had detailed plans for future issues with different possible storylines.

It was all just for fun. No one was making me do it; It wasn’t even for a school assignment.

Even though I had plans to draw and write some more there were no new issues of Blob City Comics lolz.

Maybe you don’t have such obvious story look back on and say “hey maybe I should start doing that again”…  you just have to do some self-reflection. Know yourself. What you do for a living should be something that you would do for free without it being a job.


Do What You Know and Develop a Process

Once you have begun doing what you want to do you must refine it. Start setting goals. Achieve those goals and keep striving. It’s all about developing a process that continually improves yourself.

That means changing your daily habits. If you want to be an entrepreneur then you need to do what they do.

Here are the 7 qualities of an entrepreneur

  • Persistence
  • Passion
  • Willingness to Fail
  • Self-motivation
  • Focused on Growth
  • Determination
  • Ability to take a Risk

Develop these qualities and you will be able to achieve that dream you want in your life.

Final Words

Blazing your own path and taking risk isn’t for everyone. Living a simple slow paced life has its qualities. But the last thing you want to ask yourself is, what if? You don’t have to settle for the 9 to 5 when you really could have something more.

Don’t quit your job and perform on the streets. But in your spare time treat your dreams like your life depends on it being a success.

Thank you.

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