Steps to Make Huge Profits Selling iPhones on eBay

Selling iPhones is insanely profitable. I’m going to show you how I made nearly $1000 on eBay selling repaired iPhones. Follow these steps for making huge profits selling iPhones on eBay.

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This all started when one day my coworker gave me his broken iPhone. I have fixed my htc phone in the past. However I never had experience repairing an iPhone before.

So I thought that i would give it a try. It was an iPhone 6s. The iPhone 6s was still worth alot of money.

So I researched how much an iPhone 6s replacement screen cost. It’s about $35. It was like I was getting a new phone for $35.

You can buy iPhone screens that come with a home button and a camera already attached but they cost more then buying just the LCD by its self. You can transfer the button and camera to the new screen but you must be careful it is fragile.

If you must replace a broken or missing home button keep in mind that the fingerprint iD scanner will no longer function. The original home button is linked to the iPhone it was installed on. When reselling the iPhone you must make sure the buyer is fully aware of this issue.


Here is a video of the camera and home button removal.

The skills needed for this can defiantly be learned.

This can be an easy way to make huge profits on eBay by selling iPhones.



How I fixed the iPhone

Watch YouTube videos on how to replace the iPhone screens. The videos are detailed enough so that anyone with the right tools can do this job. Even you can make money selling iPhones on eBay.

It is  simple and straight forward. The kit comes with free tools but I purchased  a separate tool kit from eBay because they were better screwdrivers. Here is the toolkit that I bought. 

I sold that iPhone for $250. So I decided to buy more iPhones. I bought a couple broken iPhones from eBay and I bought a few from Facebook  Buy & Sell Groups.

What model iPhone Should I buy?

Become familiar with all the iPhone models. The iPhone 5 and 5s are the oldest iPhones that some people are interested in purchasing.

Find an iPhone that only has a broken screen for a low price. Currently a broken iPhone 5s can be purchased for $55 shipping included.

Depending on whether or not you need an iPhone Screen that comes with or without a button. The price is 16 to 22 dollars shipping included. So that is an $71 investment.

Finally make sure that you are buying the screen to the corresponding

An iPhone 5s sells for $135 on eBay. So that is a potential ~$64 profit!!

Even more profits can be made by repairing a iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. The price of the screen goes up a relevantly small amount. An iPhone 7 screen can be purchased for $28.99

with they release of the Iphone 8 and iPhone X most people are not looking to buy one.


If you want to sell iPhones and fix them you have to make sure that you buy iPhones that are not icloud locked.

Most noteworthy iCloud lock is a phone that cannot be opened because the original owners apple account has locked the phone.

This is what a locked iPhone looks like.


Without the original owners password you cannot activate the phone. You cannot even open to phone to see the home screen.

The phone may be sold for parts only.. So if you buy an iPhone make sure that it is unlocked or the original user name and password can be provided.

So I continued the this, I sourced quality lcds from ebay and I bought broken phones from whereever I could find them.  Try to buy from USA sellers, they will be able to get the screen to you faster. More than likely they are the same screens as from china in a different location.

Whenever possible I bought them locally because usally local people are more desperate and more trustworthly. If you buy a broken phone online there could be bigger risk that the phone could be icloud locked or have water damage.

Other Types of Repair

I fix phones that have broken screens. Phones that have power issues should be avoided unless you have advanced expertise.

Replacing the battery can work sometimes but in my experience there is a  1 out of 10 chance of this fixing power issues.

Other Ways to Make Money On Ebay

Lets say that you don’t have the techical expertise to replace  iPhone screens. People have been making money on eBay for years. For many people eBay is  their only source of income.

  • Baby clothes
  • Sneakers
  • Furniture
  • DIY-Crafts

Go To Estate Sales

There is a treasuere trove of great pie ces at an estate sale. The best part about it is that everything has to go. They have to get rid of everthing thing they have. As apposed to a an ebay sale where other buyers and sellers have to be forced to sell to  a certain person.

Rare hard to find items can be easily found. People entire life collection of belogings are up for sale. Antiques are common to be found in estate sales. Finding the right buyer can lead you to making big bucks.

Furthermore money also can be made in selling non antique  items. Items that can be found in any house such as power tools can be easily sold to make a profit.

It is a good Idea to become friends with some of the people that run these estate sales. Some of them will give you a heads up for things that you are looking for.

Say you know alot about musical instruments then that can be good thing for you to buy because you know how much they are worth without having to do too much research.

Go to Yard Sales

This would be the second place I would go to to find some really good things to sell. You may not find really high ticket items here. Usally people are just trying to declutter their homes with yard sales.

Haggling is a must. Never pay what they are asking for. But offer a reasonable price. People are eager to make deals and will usally come down in price so they do not have to see this item in thier house.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping has become very mainstream now. Apps can now automate your whole drop-shipping business for you now. They can integrate shopify and alibaba . They order the item from you but it ships from alibaba straight to the buyer without you having to do anything.

Due to the ease of this business it can be hard to be successful because there are so many people already doing the same thing. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make any money from this.

You can start using the app oberlo for free. The app gives you everything to create a drop shipping business.

It has the products for every kind of niche out there. The images and the the product information from alibaba are imported to your shopify store. This can easily be marketed on eBay too.

I have just signed up for this app and I will be updating on my progress.

In addition another website that i enjoyed ordering from in the past is now They allow drop-shipping and they have a lot of tools for customization.

The Downside

Ebay must be paid. How do you think they became an international E commerce megalith. They have been shaking down the internet since the 90’s.

eBay get’s a cut of the winning auction price. They call it the final value fee. It is usually 9 percent of the winning bid. And if you are using Paypal has a payment option don’t forget to take account of their fees. Paypals fees are 2.9% + $0.30 per sale.

As a result the total amount of fees are 11.9 percent of your profits. When making your sale price please take this into consideration. There were times when I thought I was going to make X when I ended up making Y or Z or some BS.


Making money on eBay is like learning a trade. You only know the basics starting out.

Then you become an apprentice of someone that has years of experience on the platform. You follow them on social media, read their blog post and learn the trade.

It might sound cliche but practice really makes perfect. When you practice your craft and study your craft; it breeds success.

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