The Truth About How to Make Serious Money on Fiverr was on of my blog post for The Top 6 Ways To Make Money Online For Extra Cash. This will be an in depth look into my experience on making money on Fiverr.

Here are tips on how to make serious money on Fiverr. This is the truth that nobody wants to talk about; the good and the bad about the platform Fiverr.

making money on fiverr


Fiverr is a fantastic place to get your start at making money online.

I was only on fiverr for a month before I made $100. You do not need to be really tech savoy to make money on fiverr. Learning how to make serious money on fiverr will be worth it.

The possibilities are limitless on fiverr. But this amazing opportunity comes with it’s challenges.


Difficulties – On How to Make Serious Money on Fiverr

  • Rushing to complete deadlines
  • Begging the buyer to give you more time
  • Too Many Gigs Due

My Note to a Seller

Hey we ran into a few problems it’s actually gonna take a little bit longer, this gig was a bit complex… but you did take 3 days to tell what color to use so…

On Fiverr, the buyers want everything under the fucking sun for 5 fucking dollars.

They want you to vlog while you build a replica of the Eiffel Tower and talk about how much you like to eat at Joe’s Seafood. Then you dab like a fool.

the best way to make a lot of money on fiverr

This buyer was an idiot and I never finished the gig. I tried man just file a complaint with Fiverr. smh

Made Promotional Brand Videos

Finally, I decided that I would give Fiverr a shot and I created my gig. I had a really nice HD Camera and I had experience using Windows Movie Maker. That is was all I needed.

Furthermore to my amazement, someone requested a gig. It got to the point where I had a new gig every week. I eventually had to close my account because I could not keep up with the demand.

Most noteworthy Brand representatives are looking for quality videos and are willing to pay for it.

When Everything Goes Well…

There are times when things do go right. When it does go right you can make significant money on Fiverr.

Therefore you must deliver your gigs on time so the buyer can review the gig. They have about 3 days to review the gig. At this point, they can complain about anything they don’t like and request a revision.

If you are more than 3 days late past the due date the buyer can cancel the gig and get their money back!

As a result, you must try to fix whatever they were not satisfied with. When the buyer approves the revision you will get paid.

If the buyer does not respond after you have delivered the gig,  then after three days you get paid regardless.

When you learn new skills it’s time to diversify the gigs that you offer.  A majority of these skills can be learned quickly with diligence.

How to Make Serious Money On Fiverr

Writing Jobs

how to get wealthy from fiverr

It’s amazing what people will pay others to do for them. There are gigs for resumes and cover letters. Lot’s of people need help with these types of things. You can figure out how to make major cash on Fiverr.

This can be your opportunity to make some extra cash when you need it the most.


learn how to make money selling ebooks on fiverr

Offer an e-book or a researched report for sale. Make a gig for something that can be resold. Perhaps a strategy to market social media content.

Let it be known in the gig that you are not offering a  custom order. Or if you are fairly ambitious and enjoy writing then writing a custom research paper could be your thing.

Always take your time and find a good editor to work with. You don’t want to embarrass yourself with obvious mistakes that you overlooked.

Social Media Services

how to be sucessful on fiverr using social media

Offer to run social media accounts. Being familiar with twitter, Instagram and Facebook is a must. Everyone knows how to use a social media.

You are only a few YouTube videos away from learning how to increase a social media accounts reach. Make sure you know what you are doing before you make the gig.

Don’t get in over your head. Learning how to make serious money on fiverr with these tips will be a life saver.

Short Blog Post

you can sell blog post on fiverr

This has got to be one of the easier gigs to pull off. Blog post can range anywhere from 300 words to 2000 words. Therefore be specific in what you are offering

Excellent writing abilities cannot be acquired overnight. Practice makes for a better writer though. Consequently some aptitude for writing may be needed.

But if you have a blog of your own then this gig may for you. Study your craft and learn how to make serious money on fiverr at the same time.

Promotional Brand Videos

Please check out this hilarious Generic Brand Video that opens up to how brand videos doop the public.

Brand videos can be easy to make depending on your quality. You are basically making a commercial for the internet. Usually, the point is for the video to go viral generating thousands of leads for your buyer.

Keep away from guaranteeing how many views or hits the video will receive. There is no real recipe for creating a viral hit.

You may be able to get away with using your cell phone camera but your customer is likely looking for a professional looking video. Buy an affordable camera that is good in low light and if you can afford it buy some lights.

This post at Digital Photography School gives you some helpful tips on whether you should buy a point and shoot camera or a DSLR camera!

Logo Creation

create logos on fiverr to make cash


There is logo creation software online that you can buy that will do the work for you. is the perfect place to design logos. They have many beautiful designs to choose from and they are completely free.

Or if you have any artistic ability you could hand draw the logos; which you will be able to charge a premium for.

Whatever gig you decide to create be as specific as possible. In addition, make sure that you have samples of your work so that the buyers will know what to expect.


Marketing Services


This will be perfect for people that have any marketing experience. Put your skills to work. Go for it! With a small investment in marketing software such as Jumplead or SalesAutoPilot, you create an auto marketing platforms for customers. These programs automate sending emails to your customers’ email list and more!

Fun And Lifestyle

Making significant money on fiverr

These gigs don’t take too much talent. Users create gigs that say “I will make a video doing any stunt you choose”. Here are a few gigs the people are offering. If you don’t like any of these then create your own!

  • Astrology Readings
  • Relationship Advise
  • Celebrity Impressions
  • Viral Videos
  • Family Genealogy
  • Gaming
  • Greeting cards
  • Online Lessons (e.g. guitar lessons, etc)
  • Arts and Crafts

Never Except a Gig That You Don’t Know How To Do

don't lie on your gigs to make money on fiverr

It may be tempting to offer a gig to “make the next Facebook” for someone but you have to be realistic. Making false promising will not earn you big bucks on Fiverr.

Therefore once the gig is due you have to deliver. Once the gig late past a certain number of days you will not get paid for the gig. All the buyer has to do is cancel the gig and he gets his money back minus the fees.

How to Make Serious Money On Fiverr


Fiverr is a very diverse platform to make money on. Here you should be able to find out how to make serious money on Fiverr.

Choose a gig that you can do well. In a short period of time, you should be able to make money on the side. If you don’t make the effort then someone else will.


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