Turn Lemons Into Inspiration

Turn Lemons Into Inspiration


Seems like every chance life gets it wants to careen itself into a brick face. Waiting for you smash the brakes and fishtail the car whip lashing yourself and everyone around you.  I don’t know how you could turn  a car accident into a good thing. But it wouldn’t hurt to try. what?!

My point is that if you have a misstep in your journey you can’t let it continue to trip you up. Let’s say you ran out of that expensive $10 a bag coffee that you buy. Maybe you should cut back on coffee now or buy a cheaper brand.

I try to look for clues has to what I should be doing. Sounds kind of crazy but sometimes things work out like it was meant to be that way. Like you have it set in your mind that you want to write a blog post and by some miracle the stars aline and you have an empty slot of time available.

Let’s say that you over-drafted on your banking account. OK yea that really sucks but it’s an overall sign that you are overspending and not monitoring your finances. Don’t wallow in self-pity because your negative attitude will only lead you to more misfortune.

A book that changed my life was The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. Peale explains how becoming aware of your thoughts and controlling them can set you on a path to success. Everyday we have thousands of self-talks everyday. Things that we constantly are telling ourselves that are mostly negative. Self deprecating limiting words. Such as ‘that was stupid’ or ‘I can’t do that’. This is similar to positive reinforcement.

People do better at task they are trying to complete if they are given words of encouragement instead of insults.

When you talk bad about yourself you are insulting yourself; putting yourself down. Limiting your potential.


This is a really short update. I haven’t posted anything in the past month. I have been really busy this summer. Look for more updates in the future I will have video content soon!!!!



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